Total Focus: Private Soccer Training
Improve personal performance through individual coachingu9

Statistics on youth sports have shown that it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to become a top class athlete. Private Training at Ole is based on the Brazilian philosophy of coaching, where the player’s ball control and tactical development is the top priority. A well-defined private training program can measurably accelerate the development of players of all ages.

The resulting one-on-one training sessions – scheduled for the player’s and his or her family’s convenience at the Ole Soccer Arena or any other location – are constantly adjusted and evaluated based on player progress, strengths, weaknesses and developmental needs.

Please contact Olé for the cost of private soccer training

Training sessions can be held at any of the Ole Soccer locations or at a location convenient for the player and his / her family.

For specific questions about private training sessions, please call us at 203-873-0309 or email us at

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