Join us for another great Summer season of quality soccer in a safe and fun environment! 

Many people, particularly children, consider the summer to be their favorite season for many reasons; school vacation, trips, and especially the warm weather for endless fun. Despite of what the reason really is, Summer is the perfect atmosphere to be out and engage in outdoor activities, particularly when it comes to developing and improving soccer skills!  Just like last year, Summer time represents a lot  more than school break and vacation. For many, it will represent the return to normalcy, perhaps a new beginning, but most importantly, it is the opportunity for our youth to  be  active, playing  sports,  spending  time  with  their  peers,  and  also continue to work on their development as a youth soccer player.   

As we start getting ready for our 6th Summer Edition, the goal is to make the OLÉ REGIONAL SELECT Program even better this year – we will continue to closely follow our Government regulations and guidelines to ensure our players and families are safe. At the same time, we will continue to aim at promoting what keeps the families and players coming back every year: 1. Great training/coaching, 2. Strong competition, 3. Summer fun!

Ole’ Summer Training Programs’ Mission

To promote an appropriate and challenging training environment where players can develop at their own rate and ultimately reach their highest potential

During the off season, our goal is to guarantee the quality of training and playing that will make a difference for every youth player and provide continuity to their development. In addition to the experienced and nationally certified coaching staff, Ole’s player development curriculum will certainly reach each young player despite of gender and/or gender by providing a higher level of individual decision-making and technical skills/ball mastery. We will also focus on groups going through “transitions” in playing level or format as we move into the 2021/22 Season – for example:                                                                                                                     

Ole’s off season training programs have been a great success and it keeps on getting better. The proof is in the families who keep coming back year after year, as they have seen what our program has done for their children, on and off the field” 


** Review important uniform information below **


     *** 2 Convenient Locations ***



What is the cost of the program?

* plus applicable taxes


All our programs will be following State recommendations and guidelines at the time of the Program (Summer)


My son/daughter plays for a Travel/Premier team, can he/she still join the OLE REGIONAL SELECT ?

What if my kid does not make the SELECT team?

Is there uniform cost for the Ole SELECT program?

As advertised in our Social Media channels, Ole’ has partnered with PUMA for the Select Summer and Futsal Programs.

This transition will be gradual, so please review the options below:


  1. If your child is a returning player and his/her Adidas uniform still fits him/her and is in good conditions, you may keep it for this Summer 2021.
  2. If your child is a returning player, you have the Adidas uniform but you simply want to buy the PUMA one, you may also do that. 
  3. If you are a new player to Select, you must purchase the PUMA uniforms using the link below

Who are the OLE SELECT coaches?

Here is a layout of the 2020 Summer Ole Regional Select Coaching Staff:

What happens in case of cancellation?

Please review Covid-19 Refund Policy below:


Scenario 1: Full Cancellation: 

In case of a complete shutdown by the State (cancellation of all training sessions and events/tournaments) prior to the beginning of the program, all money paid until that point will either be: a. credited to the players account to be used towards any future Ole programs, or b. refunded (minus 10% for administrative fees).

Scenario 2: Partial Cancellation

In case of a partial shutdown by the State (cancellation of part of the training sessions and/or events/tournaments) after the program is already in full motion, all money paid minus services provided up until that point will either be: a. credited the players account in the amount corresponding to all services “NOT” provided at that point, or b. refunded (minus 10% for administrative fees).    

Scenario 3: Missed Sessions

In case of missed sessions due to an “individual quarantine”, there will be no refund or credit. We may and will try to accommodate and provide a makeup session with a different age group once proper medical release is provided.

In case of missed sessions due to an “age group shut down/quarantine”, we will offer a corresponding amount of make-up sessions to the whole age group once the quarantine period has expired. 

For specific questions, please email OleRegionalSelect@gmail.com or call 203-873-0309

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