All Sports Performance Training – High School and Middle School

All Sports Performance Training (ASPT) is a combination of neurological drills, physical exercise, and agility training designed to improve athletic performance and prevent injury.  ASPT is a brain-based training system that combines the best of what has worked with the hundreds of athletes that we have trained –  from elite tactical athletes (university transitioning to professional players), to middle school and high school athletes trying to make the team.  We provide an individualized training prescription delivered in a small group, team-first training environment. Our coaches and instructors are constant learners and certified movement specialists. We use a team-training concept that forces our athletes to work together – everyone is a coach and everyone is an athlete.  Our goal is to help our athletes understand how their bodies are wired neurologically and how their bodies work from a biomechanical perspective.  We use cutting edge vision and balance training to improve movement and sports vision, and cognitive drills as active recovery to improve pattern recognition and neurological response times.  Body weight exercise, kettlebells, TRX, and other functional training equipment help to build a strong core, solid joints, and explosive performance. 




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