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Show Ball sessions teach the best about Brazilian soccer
The Brazilian way of soccer is all about footskills. Our Show Ball program will help every player improve individual moves, dribbling, passing, receiving, combination plays and decision-making in real game situations.

Combining quick drills and scrimmages to enhance learning and recall, this program covers a variety of aspects of how to become a complete player:

This clinic is a mix of footskills and playing!! Come have some FUN with us!!

Show Ball Schedule

  • Training sessions are one time a week for 60 minutes

Classes starting on Monday, October 10th.

Ole Arena (525 Tunxis Hill Cutoff, Fairfield) 

Monday (5 classes)  –   6:00 pm   –   Register Here

Wednesday (5 classes)    –   6:00 pm   –   Register Here

Thursday (5 classes)    –   5:00 pm   –   Register Here

Saturday (5 classes)     –   11:30 am   –   Register Here

Sunday (5 classes)     –   11:00 am   –   Register Here

Classes starting on Monday, October 10th.

Ole Training Center (5 Victoria Drive, Monroe)  

Friday (5 classes)   –   5:00 pm   –   Register Here

Saturday (5 classes)   –   11:30 am   –   Register Here

Sunday (5 classes)    –   9:00 am   –   Register Here

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Ole Soccer located at 525 Tunxis Hill Cutoff, Fairfield, CT. OFFICE: 203-873-0309

Ole United located at 176 Linwood Avenue, Fairfield, CT. OFFICE: 203-319-0087

Ole Training Center located at 5 Victoria Drive, Monroe, CT. OFFICE: 203-880-9047

If a program already started please call us at 203-873-0309  to check availability.

Membership options available for as low as $95 a month. Please call us for more details at 203-873-0309.