Shining Stars – 18 to 24 Months Old (July 2019)

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This is a parent/child TOTAL participation. This program introduces balancing, agility skills and eye-hand, eye-feet coordination skills. At this age, a child’s level of independent mobility will typically progress from aggressive crawling into running. Additional fine and gross motor skills developed during this stage including kicking a ball, throwing a ball and stopping a ball. The Atmosphere is FUN & MUSIC filled!!

Shining Stars Schedule

  • Each session is 5  weeks long
  • Training sessions are one time a week for 30 minutes


  • $100.00 per player for each 5 week session

Summer 2019 Schedule

Ole Arena (525 Tunxis Hill Cutoff, Fairfield) – Classes starting on Monday, July 29th. 

Monday   –   10:00 am   –  Register Here

Tuesday   –   10:00 am   –  Register Here

Wednesday   –   10:00 am   –  Register Here

Thursday   –   10:00 am   –  Register Here

Friday   –   10:00 am   – Register Here

Saturday   –   9:00 am   –   Register Here

Sunday   –   10:00 am   –   Register Here

*For June Classes please call to register at 203-873-0309 (Pro-Rate Fee)*

Ole Training Center (5 Victoria Drive, Monroe) – Classes starting on Monday, July 29th.

Thursday   –   9:30 am   –   Register Here 

*For June Classes please call to register at 203-880-9047 (Pro-Rate Fee)*

Ole Behavior Policy

Ole Make Up Policy – CLICK HERE