At Fairfield Strength our goal is make your training experience safe, effective, and efficient.  We use the very best of what works to help you or your child reach their athletic performance goals.  We focus on quality over quantity, taking the time to identify and correct individual movement challenges that can result in injury or put the brakes on performance.  We believe that pain is not a good thing and that movement should be fun and training should be purposeful.  Our coaches and trainers are constant learners, practicing what we teach.  Our athletes are our team mates, and our team is family.    If you are looking for a small group training experience, or a private or semi-private session, look no further.

We use many different training modalities to help you reach your goals, but our main tool is the kettlebell.  Kettlebell training is for everyone- every body type, age, gender, ability and fitness level.  You will be amazed at how this iron tool can change and challenge you!!


What you can expect at Fairfield Strength: