All Sports Performance Training – High School and Middle School

All Sports Performance Training (ASPT) is a combination of neurological drills, physical exercise, and agility training designed to improve athletic performance and prevent injury.  ASPT is a brain-based training system that combines the best of what has worked with the hundreds of athletes that we have trained –  from elite tactical athletes (university transitioning to professional players), to middle school and high school athletes trying to make the team.  We provide an individualized training prescription delivered in a small group, team-first training environment. Our coaches and instructors are constant learners and certified movement specialists. We use a team-training concept that forces our athletes to work together – everyone is a coach and everyone is an athlete.  Our goal is to help our athletes understand how their bodies are wired neurologically and how their bodies work from a biomechanical perspective.  We use cutting edge vision and balance training to improve movement and sports vision, and cognitive drills as active recovery to improve pattern recognition and neurological response times.  Body weight exercise, kettlebells, TRX, and other functional training equipment help to build a strong core, solid joints, and explosive performance.

Class size limited to 10 athletes.




Holiday Bootcamp   

 Holiday Bootcamp is a week-long total body strength and conditioning program. that incorporates all of the elements of our ASPT program in a fun, intense week of training. No better way to work off the holiday cookies and clear away the cobwebs as you get ready to return to school and sports.  Athletes will work on kettlebell, bodyweight, TRX and neurological methods to improve strength, speed, and movement patterns.  New exercises and neurological drills are introduced each day that build upon the work done the day before.  Dynamic, intense, but highly doable, athletes will experience performance gains without overtraining. Learning, improving, and having FUN!

Class size limited to 10 athletes.




The Fairfield Strength 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge

Are you ready to take on the Challenge?  Are you ready to LOOK better, FEEL better, BE better???

If you are ready, we at Fairfield Strength are here to help make it happen!!

Moving out of your comfort zone takes you to a place where true TRANSFORMATION can occur.  By entering this Challenge, you will put yourself in a position to succeed like never before.  It will not be easy, but it will get easier the stronger you become…

Winner will receive $300!!!

Program Includes:

  • Unlimited group classes (more classes to be added in January)
  • Private Facebook and on-line support for nutrition and mindset
  • Two group nutrition/accountability meetings
  • Bonus training sessions and workshops

This Challenge is for EVERYONE!!!  We’ll teach you everything you need to know!!!




Adult Kettlebell Classes:

Level 1 – Foundations

This is where it all begins!  Learn the proper and safe way to use kettlebells.  Kettlebells are a great tool – if used properly under the supervision of a certified coach.

In this class we focus on joint mobility, tension techniques, kettlebell, and bodyweight methods to improve performance, increase lean muscle mass, and burn fat.

After learning how to mobilize the joints and hinge for the deadlift, we practice  proper stance, body position, timing, and breathing involved in the Hardstyle kettlebell swing, the cornerstone of kettlebell training.  In addition to the swing, we work on the Hardstyle plank, Goblet Squats, and introduce the Turkish Get Up.  All movements are combined into circuits that can be adapted to any fitness level.

All classes are taught in barefeet or minimalist shoes to ensure a strong, stable, and smarter grounded body!

Level 2 – Advanced Kettlebell Techniques

In Level 2 we build upon the skills developed in Level 1 as you learn and master the kettlebell Swing (and swing variations), Deadlift variations, Clean, Press, Front Squat, Turkish Get Up and the kettlebell Snatch, the core movements of the Strong First School of Strength.

Delve into the deeper practice of form as you build endurance and strength through more advanced drills, training circuits, and progressions.  All of our classes include joint mobility and stability, bodyweight movements, active recovery and FUN!

All classes are taught in barefeet or minimalist shoes to ensure a strong, stable, and smarter grounded body!

Instructor approval is a prerequisite for this class.



Performance Training (PT)

This is an all-levels class designed to improve joint mobility and stability, improve strength, burn fat, and increase lean muscle mass.  This class combines various training modalities to deliver a safe, fun and effective total body workout. Based on a tactical training model, we train our athletes to move better in their world.  Each work out is challenging but safe and do-able by all.  Any trainer can kick your butt and turn you into a puddle. That’s not what happens here.  We use corrective strategies and specific neurological hacks to reset movement patterns and change the way your brain perceives movement.  By changing the brain, we change our world.  We establish baseline assessments so we can monitor exercise effectiveness and intensity.  More importantly, so we can identify bad movement before it results in injury.  When you leave you will be tired but energized, fatigued but alert, and moving better than when you arrived.   Good for what ails you – PT is the work out you have been looking for!

All classes are taught in barefeet or minimalist shoes to ensure a strong, stable, and smarter grounded body!