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If you have any questions about our programs or any other soccer issues, please contact Ole using the phone numbers and email addresses listed below or use the contact form.

General Questions

Jadir Barbosa “JB”, Gustavo Reaes
203-873-0309 |

Business Opportunities

Rodrigo Nunes
203-528-6007 |

Ole Soccer / Marketing

Jadir “JB” Barbosa
203-873-0309 |

Ole Training Center

Danilo Martins
203-880-9047 |


Estuardo “Esto”
203-319-0087 |

Ole Elites and Ole Select

Danilo Martins
201-742-2193 |

Shining Stars, Mini-Stars, Stars, Super Stars

Joseph Couto
203-815-4932 |

Sponsorship Opportunities & Tournaments

Jadir Barbosa (JB)
203-873-0309 |

Birthday Parties

203-414-0579 |